A New Face

Daniil is back tomorrow in the semis.

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Yesterday Daniil Medvedev showed why, at only 23, he is number four in the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) rankings and has earned just short of eight million dollars in his short tennis career. The third set of the U.S Open Men’s Final looked like it would end soon with a straight set victory for Rafa Nadal, ten years older but a legend in the sport.

Daniil showed us all the definition of grit. He fought successfully through numerous key points winning sets three and four. In the end a thin margin separated him from a fifth set tiebreaker to decide the match. Rafa did what millions had seen him do several times. Running on fumes he had slightly more heart on this given day than his brilliant opposition.

In a sense, it’s a shame someone had to lose the match. As one announcer suggested, Rafa likely preferred a match…

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Sometimes you Just Die in Texts

At 76, I have noticed a disturbing trend in personal communication. People would rather write than speak. Texts seem to be the preferable option.

It seems like the texts use acronyms that a few Michiganders or Delawareans are familiar with, but no one in the other 48 states. Are the Delawareans more aware? Do the Michiganders gander more closely?

Enough of this so-called communication! Fair warning, you may just die in the acronyms. 

Sure hope this was clear (SHTWC). Wasn’t it?