Fiction, Some Thoughts on the Genre

A healthy dose of fiction…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Research suggests that reading fiction is emotionally healthy. It brings us into not just the action but the emotions behind the action and the inaction. Though I love non-fiction since the publication of these findings I have made a point of reading more fiction. I am convinced fiction is good for the psyche. In a world with too much hurt, to me, that is of paramount importance.

Postscript 9/11/21:

I also have a novelette in draft that is my first venture into writing fiction, a delightful journey.

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What Works for Me

“I’m not one of those who can listen to music and write. I need the door closed. Windows shut. Facing the wall. No birds tweeting, views of nature, and so forth.” James McBride, author of the marvelous memoir, The Color of Water. My review of the that book can be found on 12/3/17 in my archives.

I get it. I remember burying myself in the deepest crevices of the college library to concentrate. When I try to focus, noise puts my best efforts into disarray.

When I write, all must be still. I know many people need activity, noise to focus. For me, they live in a different universe.

You and I share lots of DNA, but on something like the need for quiet, we may be distant cousins.