Tom Wolfe, a Life Remembered

We lost him about three years ago…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

It tickles me that an obit written about a WRITER by a WRITER is the longest obit I have ever read in the NY Times.

Tom was extraordinary. I thought TheRightStuff both the book and movie were rich, beautiful and enlightening pieces of work.

Who would have had the time to date/marry with all of his literary output until the age of 48. Sociology seemed his first love, how we go about inhabiting this place from Tom’s point of view.

His was a life well lived filled with originality for the rest of us. What a gift.

H. Robert Rubin, memoirist and author of LookBackwardAngel, an e-book on Amazon and How Did I Get Through This? to be published on Amazon this year

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A Reminder

“I was so sorry, deep in my heart I was sorry, but all your “sorrys” are gone when a person dies. She was gone. Gone. That’s why you have to say all your “sorrys” and “I love yous” while a person is living, because tomorrow isn’t promised.”― James McBride, The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother.” Just a word about the book. It is arguably the best memoir I will ever read. I highly recommend it.

My mom is still with me in many ways. She died at close to 91. My mind’s eye, though, brings back the image of her thick- haired, high-cheek-boned, warm, warm face. She was regal and for me could light up a room with her presence.

It was the inner beauty that shined and it still shines on me. She was always there for my three sibs and me. There was never a question of how much she loved each of us. This was truly a gift from God. I sure hope I expressed enough “sorrys and I love yous.”