Thoughts, as Our Garage Reorganization Continues in the Pandemic

Some thoughts I had in the early Pandemic while reorganizing

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

So our garage project goes on…

What impressed me yesterday, as I looked at records dating back to 1976, were the numerous days and details of my life and of human life in general. In those billions of nanoseconds and particulars, it’s necessary for our brains, hearts, kidneys, etc. to keep on going and going.

That heart beats millions of times without stopping. That brain has millions of thoughts and doesn’t even completely rest at night. Its complexity is staggering. And wow, those unrelenting kidneys. They filter a whole lot of liquid around the clock.

This raised a compelling question for me. It’s one that has bubbled to the surface for me before. How can something as complex as human life have developed, completely, by accident? Every cell in my body suggests, that’s extremely unlikely. I believe in a God-directed as opposed to an accidental, evolutionary process.

I believe the…

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Hitting a Baseball

What is it with baseball? Its appeal crosses every socioeconomic level of society. 

There are the frustrated at every level who may have spent their childhood stepping into the bucket facing fastballs. That’s when to avoid that very hard ball one steps away from (into the bucket) instead of into the pitch to generate power in the opposite direction and lose the chance of solid contact. It is true, concussions and fractures are a part of the sport regardless of the protective gear  worn.

The ball can be thrown at a variety of speeds and with a variety of spins to different locations. That is compounded by the nominal sixty foot distance from the top of a hill to home plate. Before the airplane in warfare the high ground was a distinct advantage. Recall the battle of Fredericksburg.

As a result of these elements, the fan usually appreciates that hitting a baseball requires superb eyesight, hand-eye coordination and courage. That is why Major League Baseball consists of about 2000 men of rare skill. Hope this encourages you to watch the marvelous, October playoffs we have in store for us here in the states and elsewhere via the web.