Go Chargers!

The Chargers started about a half century ago as the LA Chargers in American pro football. They quickly moved to San Diego until they moved back to Los Angeles in the recent past. Since I prefer watching them virtually, it really made no difference to me that they moved to Los Angeles.

Our time in Southern California has been spent in Ventura, Los Angeles and San Diego. I’m a Southern California guy.

Other than an unsuccessful trip to the Super Bowl in 1995, generally the Chargers have been a frustrating team to follow. However, last year, when they added Justin Herbert, a great young quarterback, it got interesting.

Today resolved a lot of the pain for diehard fans. The great Kansas City Chiefs played us in a roller coaster of a game in Kansas City. However, between Justin Herbert, our quarterback, Mike Williams, our receiver, Keenan Allen, our receiver and Joey Bossa our defensive lineman, this was a game to behold. Plenty of other Chargers played beautifully.

With fourth down and nine yards to go and something like a minute or two left in the game, the new coach, Brandon Staley, took a huge risk. Instead of trying a go ahead field goal that was a considerable distance, he went for a 1st down on 4th down, realizing if he failed one of the greatest quarterbacks who may have ever lived had a pretty good chance of taking his team downfield for the winning score. He took the shot and his great quarterback, Justin Herbert, delivered the goods. Further, he took the team upfield for a touchdown and a six-point lead. At that point, Patrick Mahomes, that great KC quarterback, had about a minute to go. So he tried as best he could and did make progress, but, the Chargers won this one.

It was a deeply satisfying victory for the Chargers and their fans all over Southern California. Sometimes you just got to wait, as, 27 years wasn’t so bad.


My spouse and me…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I woke up this morning and there was Kristine. For almost 43 years we’ve managed to live through innumerable highs and lows. However, here we are.

By the grace of God in the face of conflict, that is a part of any marriage, we still love each other. We care about getting better at that by the grace of God.

Yes, marriages are complicated. Yes, many fail. Yes, there are times of desperation. Yes, there are times of great joy.

The challenge in my retirement, as my sense of thirst, sense of hearing, sense of sight and mind, slowly (Please God), deteriorate, is to listen attentively with my aid-assisted ears and soul. There is more time to do that once retired. On the other hand, that time together, I think, is best balanced with time alone, which is a bit more difficult in a pandemic.

Down deep we both believe…

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What Can You Give in this World?

Theodore Dreiser wrote An American Tragedy and died a few months after my birth at 74. In the summer between high school and college, I read that book. It was a powerful work, and it reminded me, even at 18, of how badly you can destroy your life with poor decisions.

Dreiser said, “Love is the only thing you can really give in all this world. When you give love, you give everything.” What remains on earth after we depart is the love we gave away. It may well remain in the generations of our offspring.

You can’t buy it. You can’t create it. It occurs. I believe it ensues by a divine act that blesses our days.

Love fully engages us and enriches our lives. Thank God for huge favors.