September 2020 and the Lockdown Blues

Thought this was worth another look back at September 2020.

For the past six months I have limited my exposure outside our home. Thank God we have one.

I have lived longer than ¾ of a century placing me near the crosshairs of the invisible, electron-microscopic enemy. It lurks among us. It weasels its way into precious, pulmonary tissue. It can produce a horrible cascade of events in some, when it gets frightfully powerful.

It may be small, but it’s a nasty beast.It makes daily life more difficult for those who are targeted and to varying degrees for everyone. It has changed the nature of everyday life on earth.

I grew up, in part, in the hometown of the Wright brothers. As we all know, they brought the aircraft industry into existence with their persistence, ingenuity and courage.

Now it takes those qualities, particularly for the targeted, to even step on a commercial aircraft. Oh the joy of travel, of seeing the grandkids, of seeing new places that stun the eye. For now it’s only a memory.

May God bless us all through our scientific community. May our scientists represent His hands, rapidly adding effective, safe, therapeutic drugs and vaccines to the medical armamentarium.This is unique for all of us. And, some days, I just have, the COVID lockdown blues.


“If there’s anything I’m good at, it’s cultivating an obsession.” Megan Mayhew Bergman, an American writer.

I have had obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, since about the age of four. It’s good for my motivation. It’s bad for my  relationships.

I think I have lightened up my obsessions to stay close. I hope so.

As a college student in our fraternity house, I got under the skin of my frat brothers one day during finals. I spent nearly all of twelve hours at my desk studying. They started a ruckus outside my room making it impossible to study. I stepped out, had a good laugh with them, and, went went back to study for another five.

Sure glad I’m retired.