We are the Only Ones Who Can Tell Our Stories

“We are the only ones who can tell our stories because we are the only ones who have lived them.” Susan Wittig Albert, an American author. So true.

Lots of autobiographical non-fiction and semi-autobiographical fiction works become available every year. The quality and style of the writing differs. At a deeper level, each human’s life is unique.

When we are entertained by a theatrical or streamed film, it can fall short in probing our imaginative skill. If you had read your first James Bond thriller before you first saw it on film, did the actor fit your picture of the spy? It was your imagination and your own unique experience that formed that visual of the clever, adventurous spy. The reading experience in other words was more interactive between Ian Fleming and you. One’s enjoyment of the written word, whether in writing or reading, is a product of the imagination and the depth of knowledge that precedes the experience.

The Bloom is on the Rose is a novella. It poured out of my experience and my imagination in a few days. My semi-autobiographical work surprised me, as, I was hesitant to write fiction after three published memoirs. 

I had never fully understood when the late E. L. Doctorow said that writing fiction was like driving at night, where you could only see the road at the end of your headlights. That’s what I experienced. I hope the work is worth your while.