Retirement, Approaching Eight Years

An update, two years after the original.

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I am 76.5 years old and counting. I’m largely thriving in my anectdotage and that is without Kaiser Permanente.

I am about three weeks short of eight years in this state, living without a job and it’s attendant anxieties. That part approaches the heavenly.

I can follow an entire tennis tournament without fear of falling behind at work. I haven’t had an annual review in about nine years. I have had the anxiety of waiting for medical test results, but fortunately as with the annual reviews the vast majority have been good.

I will deteriorate with age. I am almost prepared to accept that as long as my mind and body are functional. Hopefully those changes are years away. Hopefully Covid-19 will either be survived or avoided.

To avoid rapid deterioration I am in prayer, I exercise , now at home with COVID-19, and I try to eat what my…

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Complexity in Our Lives

Doesn’t the mystery of our God deepen our love for Him? If we could answer all our why questions about Him, he would not be God, just another one of us solvable humans.

Each and every living human cell is revealed to be even MORE complex, than we had gathered, as science continues to discover. That alone argues for His hand in our lives