Two Peaceful Weeks Just Five Years Ago

Looking back at a taste of serenity

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I penned this in the spring of 2017, long before I had heard the word pandemic with any frequency. It addresses peace in sport, a relief and respite for many of us.

For years I’ve watched two tournaments that end and start a week apart every spring. The environment in each case calms my soul, whoever is victorious.

The second one on the calendar, the Monte-Carlo Masters, was first a tennis championship in 1897. Its center court provides a view of the magnificent Mediterranean. On either side of the court, one appreciates seating with European taste sprinkled with cabanas. The calm I’ve always felt by gentle bodies of water comes home to me that week. “He leadeth me beside the still water:” Psalm 23, 2a. It’s even a gentle, clay surface upon which the players compete.

The first one each year, the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, has a particular place…

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