How it Seems to be Going

As Mary Karr, the memoirist, noted, “a dysfunctional family is one with more than one person.” The current, popular, British philosopher, Alain de Botton, noted that two people on a first date should ask one another, “How are you crazy.” The difference between the alleged normal and the schizophrenic is that one dreams in moonlight and the other in sunlight.

It’s true behavioral therapists have never been busier. The Pandemic has increased the therapists’ work, because most people’s greatest fear is death. People are now more anxious, neurotic, etc.

Dealing with Covid-19 has become a matter of nuance. Nobody has all the answers. The people who scare me the most are those who are certain of their position and are raising hell. The poet, priest John O’ Donahue put it this way, “Society always reduces everything to a simple common denominator.” He later says, “Only the imagination has the willingness to witness that which is complex…”

May we be blessed with the end of this crisis with polyvalent vaccines that offer protection from future strains, many therapeutic pills to nip the virus in the bud, and tablets that destroy it and its effects in the later stages of the infection. May we always seek possibilities in crises rather than simplification.