The Exhilaration of Travel

“The value of life deepens incalculably with the privileges of travel.” Nathaniel Parker Willis, a 19th-century American author. In the last few years, Kristine and I took several trips. The last two years have limited those wonderful opportunities.

In my imagination, I find us in Seattle watching the fishmongers throwing fish to be wrapped in Pike Place Market. Or, seated for a scrumptious breakfast at the market’s Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar, vintage 1909. That was the year of my father’s birth. In essence, downtown Seattle is a wonderful place to walk.

I can contrast that with our time spent in Jerusalem. I thought I had seen hills in San Francisco, but Jerusalem’s terrain exceeded even that. The changes in altitude made it a glorious place to walk along the cobblestone. 

In my imagination I look over those many hills from a high point of the city and later move underground near the Temple Mount. I am in a city of contrasts, antiquity, and great beauty. 

And then the indescribable, praying by the Wailing Wall. There is no way to calculate the depth of that trip.