“I write because the lives of all of us are stories. If enough of those stories are told, then perhaps we will begin to see that our lives are the same story. The differences are merely in the details.” Julius Lester was an American author.

It seems vital to our lives now that people appreciate our similarities, not our differences. When we gather, personally or virtually, storytelling could bring us together. Whether serious, humorous, or both, the stories describe the human condition.

While holed up in our caves, reading good stories might help our brains and hearts as well. When you watch, the television provides the picture, not your imagination. I suspect reading enhances cognitive and emotional skill . However your brain works, let’s allow the wonder and excitement of children when they behold a story to seep into us.

I most love the stories we tell each other. I think we each have engaging stories to tell. We just need a gentle nudge.