Our Journey

People know exactly who loves them, and how much.” “The key to contentment was to never ask why; she had learned that long ago.” Elizabeth Strout, an American Author.

 It’s tough out there. Pandemics, divisiveness, fires, earthquakes, northeasters, etc. It creates a level of stress we humans need to tolerate.

My spouse, Kristine, and I have our moments, but we both appreciate each morning we see each other over freshly brewed coffee, whatever the day has brought. Those same blue eyes shine back at me. My early morning gravelly voice responds to her gentle utterings. We know deep down how much we love each other.

We both know we have been there for each other through serious illness in both our children and, thankfully, they have fully survived. We have been through financial lows with each other that nipped at our heels. We rarely, if ever, asked the desperate why questions about each other or our heavenly father.

Ultimately, only God provided the roadmap that made this work. We could not have managed this on our own. For that, we are deeply grateful.

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