Healing Stories?

“Stories are how we make sense of our lives. To tell a story is to own it: to own the narrative thread, to own a piece of our past. And when we own a story, when we put it in a tidy box and store it on a high shelf, it becomes manageable so that whatever negative effects it’s been having on us are, in theory, lessened.” Deborah Copaken, an American author.

I am sitting in the wake of three books of memoirs I published from 2015 through 2021. Writing my stories and doing many edits prompted me to think and emote through the best and worst moments of my life. That was besides the most engaging and funniest of my stories, at least to me.

After sleeping on the most painful events besides editing them, I have made more sense of how they fit in my journey, guided by the good Lord. Hopefully, the negative effects have diminished. My life has become more meaningful. 

I hope and pray I forgive more readily than seven years ago. May God bless our journeys, yours and mine.