Oh That Pen

Today I am mulling over some writers’ thoughts about how good it is to write. “Writing is the thing that props me up.” wrote the late American Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist and Oscar-winning screenwriter, Horton Foote. “To be writing is good for the soul; it’s good for your character – to be observing, interpreting, producing.” So said Po Bronson, an American author. “I call myself a wordkeeper, or a keeper of words. I enjoy words and looking at them on all sides… Words are magnificent… They form rhythms of living in meaningful prose… It is the force of my desire, my wish to make myself understood, that powers these words.” That was Virginia Hamilton, an American author.

Upon retirement, I needed to continue to produce work of value. I was in the business end of healthcare for most of those 42 years. It required precise, clear, persuasive writing. It seemed like there was rarely enough time to write my best. That was limited to the most critical work.

In my last phase of life, I needed work that fed my soul and kept me upbeat. Retirement has its difficulties. Shifts have been required in my attitude and perspective. My wife Kris has noted she married me “… for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…” but not for lunch. 

In God’s mercy, He offered something in which I always found joy, writing with enough time to do my best. It has been gratifying to blog most days, write five books, four of which are published, and even continue my love of words with word games, which seem infinite on the web. It’s all good.