I think we can see a Rembrandt or a Vermeer in a museum and not need it hanging in our homes. We can see the power and beauty of the finest Teslas without owning one. Those things represent the permanency that is sought in the rat race.

To me the only permanence I eagerly await is the eternal in the glimmering kingdom of God.

The Why? Questions

When I was a junior in college I caught infectious mononucleosis. My physician at the infirmary said I should drop a course that quarter to diminish the stress of my studies.

Good advice, I guess. I jumped at the chance to lessen the daily grind.

The school required a social science course and philosophy appeared to be something new and interesting. Boy was I wrong. The course seemed worthless and boring. So I jumped at dropping it.

In retirement, I am fascinated by some areas of philosophy. It is the study of reality. It asks the Why? questions.

Philosophy helps us to probe these challenging questions. How can I be the best husband for Kristine? I find it particularly powerful when philosophy underscores tenets of my Messianic Jewish faith.

Oh how we change and it’s only been 55 years.