Loss and Gain

“Loss is the hardest thing, I said. But it’s also the teacher that’s the most difficult to ignore. Dean Koontz, American author of eighty best sellers in his book Odd Hours

To me, those losses are the the bad, bad days or weeks in our lives. We all have them in our careers and personal lives. They are oh so painful. But if we don’t keep growing, as a result, I think we deteriorate even more quickly.

Thornton Wilder wrote a beautiful, Pulitzer prize- winning book about Peru’s bridge over the San Luis Rey in the 18th century. It is about the loss of five lives as a bridge deemed indestructible broke. Wilder asks the  ultimate question when a Franciscan priest examines the quintet of lives. Is life in the hands of God or is it random?

I think the good Lord wants us to love Him and to grow, to be teachable. The mere fact that I can write this and you can read it suggests to me that God is real.