Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

“The inside of my head looks like a crazy person hoarder house. Full of useless things that sometimes, if I’m lucky, come together in interesting and surprising ways.” Lauren Beukes, a South African novelist.

Hoarders you say? Crazy people?

Hey, ebooks on the cloud allow us hoarders to avoid buying bookshelves and more brick and mortar space. Ebooks save trees and ink and time and money.

Those virtual finds help us to know that Tom Hanks character in You’ve Got Mail got some payback after he financially assaulted Meg Ryan’s cute little bookstore with his conglomerate. He had been conglomming in bricks and mortar, but it got tenuous.

Finally, putting a book in ebook form for publication is a whole lot easier than turning it into one of those 3D paper and ink things. What a relief for you and me. You get to read it in that lightweight cellphone…

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Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I cannot begin to explain how much I love my adult son and daughter. I thank God and my spouse for who those two adult children are. Being a workaholic the most I could muster was to, hopefully, help them feel loved.

Occasionally, as I get older, dumber, and less able to remember, my daughter has helped me to land on my feet. My son and I have spent many an hour sharing our mutual love of life. These have been priceless experiences.

In the last 25 years, one may have died in a fall and the other from cancer. They are both very alive and well, thank God. Sharing those two with my spouse is the greatest blessing in my life.

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Personal Growth?

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung, a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. 

Most of us know that. Do we give it much thought?

How irksome it is to understand that. The people prone to tendencies that we don’t want to be around are reflections of us. 

May God, guide us and grant us all the grace to find our way out of any and all of our annoying behavior, whatever that involves.