Writing for You; What is it Like?

Once again…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

“I write because to write a newsentence, let alone a newpoem, is to cross the threshold into both a larger existence and a profound mystery.” Poet and essayist, Jane Hirshfield

Although I am not in this award- winning writer’s league, the writing process is the same for me. A good analogy is watching Jeopardy, answering a question and not having the vaguest inkling of where that response came from.

It is just something you get lost in. That is, at best, a deep immersion. It is a place of serenity and by the grace of God, shalom.

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Quiet Center of Life

“Find your quiet centre of life and write from that to the world.” Sarah Orne Jewett, a 19th-century American novelist.”

Sometimes ideas come on a quiet walk. Frequently creative thoughts are flowing in putting fingers to keyboard in a tranquil place.

But oh that silence, it’s so critical for me. I have sought it out since I was a high school kid. My father had an office near our home that he allowed me to frequent nights before exams. Nobody advised me to do that. I just knew it helped.

In college I was buried in the catacombs of the Emory library, making me hard to find in those pre-cellphone days. In our busy fraternity house, I holed up with a fan blaring at full speed to give me the white noise I craved.

How was that exam prep potentially creative as well as mundane? I was so compulsive and concerned with the impact of my nerves on the result that I would go through the class notes about half a dozen times. I knew them so well I could be creative and sense some of the exam questions.

Today, finding that solitude allows me to relish this time, in God’s hands, to do this.