Oh Those 70’s

So now, I am in my late 70’s. In the mid 70’s of the 20th-century, I was living in Baltimore as a State Medical Examiner, interesting but gory.

My reaction to those 2.5 years? See that very long-haired guy below enveloped in those mid-70’s.

The picture is so old with artifacts it looks I have a gunshot entry wound near my left eye. Ironic given my profession. Don’t you think?

My adventures are strewn through several memoirs. If you’d like to read about those episodes, they are in, specifically, Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me, available in paper or e-books at Amazon. My novelette on Amazon, The Bloom is on the Rose, involves a medical examiner in Baltimore in that same era. You can access that book below and the others (clicking my name in blue at the prompt for the author page, “Follow the Author”).

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