A View From the Back End of Life

“I believe I’ve arrived at the age of contentment.” Garrison Keillor, The Column: 9/7/22. I am with Garrison, who recently turned 80 .

I was a desk job guy. That desk was the closest thing to contentment. That is one reason I author blogs and books, long past my prime at 77. Love that desk.

As a medical student I was hoping to avoid the front lines, high humidity, and sniper-filled swampland of Nam. I aimed for a desk job on the solid ground of the U.S. I did miss Nam when the Physician Draft ended while I was scheduled for a draft physical. By then I was in my residency in pathology, a desk job.

A friend of mine who spent years in Saigon during the war, spoke to me about his experience of late. I told him I harbored some guilt about avoiding the whole war. He said I didn’t miss a thing.

After several years in medicine, I found a spot on the fringe of healthcare, a desk job, as a manager in a medical malpractice insurance company. It was a slight variation on an insurance company, a self-insured trust. Whatever you call it, it was a desk job.

But I was still on the treadmill with the rest of the gerbils. I was a competitor. Now, late in my eighth decade, I am out of the gristmill, I rest easier, contented. Thank God for HUGE favors.