Those Rhythms

“If life is not always poetical, it is at least metrical.” Alice Meynell, an English, 19th and 20th-century writer. 

Oh, the rhythms of life. Gershwin takes a cross-country train and hears in the rhythm of the wheels and the exterior a Rhapsody in Blue. The humorist, Mark Twain, timed a phrase well describing one composer’s works. “Wagner’s music is much better than it sounds.” 

We are different people in different phases of our lives. I don’t know why we live in different rhythms in those phases. The late Gail Sheehy expounded on those life phases and advised, after 100’s of interviews, that older is better. 

I think dotage’s rhythms have their up and downs, but they don’t seem as drastic as in earlier phases of life. The finale is a bit strong, they tell me.

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