Breaking the Silence


Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

“To choose to write is to reject silence.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whois a Nigerian writer.

I like the idea for people to understand what is deep inside my soul, what drives me, what brings me joy and what does not. For me, silence is not an option.

There are times I can do that with greater clarity through fiction. It’s the most surprising part of dipping my toe into those waters.

At this point, thank God, I am immersed in those waters completely in the joy of trying to make my novelette a thing of beauty, hoping, ultimately you and I know that is what it’s has become.

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“Once the working classes were in chains, now they’re in chain restaurants.” Will Self, an English author.

I wonder if some people get confused and call him Self Will. Perhaps they call him Willpower. I suspect he has the willpower to avoid fast food. He certainly isn’t asked to spell his name much.

Chain restaurants? Good way to describe them. Any careful evaluation of the non-nutritious food dished out at most of them could keep you up at night.

Hope you have the will to avoid them. To your health and willpower.