Another Look at Motivations to Blog

It’s relatively inexpensive to create a blog on WordPress, if you willing to tolerate a few adds.  It allows the writer immediate publication.  It provides access to every populated corner of the earth.  If you love to write, it’s a wonderful outlet.

Many people say they never have a voice.  If these people blog, they have a voice.  It is a world-wide voice without interruptions.  If they are accumulating Facebook friends, they can reference their individual blogs on Facebook to draw readers.

Isn’t that enough?

The Blogging Experience

“A writer should always feel like he’s in over his head.” Michael Cunningham, an American writer.

On days that I just stare at the screen, I feel that way. The opposite is at work when things seem to flow.

I have times where I am dissatisfied with what I have blogged. Then, I get a positive response, and later in the day appreciate it’s likely better than I had gathered on, say, an eighth re-read.

It’s a mysterious thing we do, this blogging. Most of the time, it’s either peaceful and serene or giggly. Sometimes it’s even filled with the best we can muster, thank God.