The Process

“Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, 19th century poet, physician, professor, and author. We have even more time to carve out our words when we write.

“The painter had achieved what we would all like to do: capture time and make it stand still.“ Gillian Rubinstein, an English children’s author.

Aren’t all of us so-called writers at some level trying to achieve what Holmes and Rubinstein propose, clarity and impact? Of course, it may never happen, but it is the carrot that pushes those keys. It’s the target at which we aim our arrows.

If it never happens in any of our efforts, there is the pure joy of writing that can ease our mind, lighten our heavier thoughts, sweetly unearthing those thoughts. To have pushed a button that brings peace to our readers and to ourselves is blessing enough, short of standing time on its head.