“The Weight”

Looking back…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

To say medical school was stressful was an understatement. It was compounded by the youth of those of us who suffered through much of it. The amount of work, the first direct exposure in one’s life to the death of the critically ill and the mayhem of emergency work were our obstacles to peace of mind.

On the other hand, “Musichas charms tosootheasavage breast.” The verse was spoken by a character in William Congreve’s 1697 play, “The Mourning Bride.” Even those with Alzheimer’s seem to be helped by music. Time in the outdoors soothes as well.

That is why the Florida Folk Festival which began in 1952 was such a grand relief for me in the early 70s, while in school. It was in a beautiful wooded area bordering the Suwannee River in Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

I remember, distinctly, as I sat in those beautiful woods…

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Love is

“And there’s nothing you can do to change the fact that love is, or it isn’t. It will either work or it won’t.” “One day you will find refuge in another, and they will learn to know your heart like it was their own.” Lang Leave, American poet.

Someone broke your heart. Another did not. Yet another may hold you dear for much of your adult life.

Love is the most precious thing in life, but it cannot be willed. It happens.

It’s God’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gift in our present sojourn on earth. Is it not?

Think about where you would be without it. Scary thought.