Winslow, Another Look

In 1972 the Eagles wrote their song, Take it Easy. It commemorated the town of Winslow, AZ.

Kristine and I did not meet until five years later.That very last week of 1977, we began our trek from Baltimore, MD to Ventura, CA, a town memorialized by the Pontiac Ventura, a car that died that same year.

On the last day of our journey the beautiful, cool, winter weather drifted through AZ. We were driving the 2nd least dependable car I had ever owned, both of which were not vetted. My lack of skill through the age of 32 in buying dependable cars was remarkable.

It was evening and we were rolling down the road into Winslow, AZ. At the same time from our subpar speaker system we heard the Eagles singing” Well I am standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ.”🎵 🎶.

We couldn’t bring ourselves to actually stop and stand on a corner. Our car might have died like the Pontiac Ventura had we stopped.

All You Need is Love

A moment’s relief…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Charles Schulz

Have you tried the Lindt, dark chocolate bars? What about the Ghirardelli, dark chocolate, Hazelnut heaven?

The key here is to so enjoy one square, that, you needn’t scarf the entire bar. I know none of us can always do that, but have you considered doing that most of the time?

Now, how about a moment of silence for those who say they don’t like chocolate?

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It has been 59 years and one week since the assassination of John F Kennedy. The nation’s grief over his sudden death was magnified by his youth. He was a bright, extraordinary orator who had captured the country’s imagination.

That was certainly a different era. The Lincoln Continental convertible in which he was riding with Jacqueline cost the federal government $7,000. Think about that a minute.

I was an Emory freshman in Atlanta on that Friday afternoon awaiting a chemistry lab. I heard the news while sitting in my dorm room. A fellow student was running down the hall shouting the news. The lab was canceled as was our fraternity’s party set for that evening.

I think most Americans over 70 can recall where they were and how vivid and heartbreaking the announcement came to all of us. I mark the beginning of my adulthood on that tragic Friday afternoon.