Signal Fires by Dani Shapiro, a Book Review

Signal Fires is a novel by a wonderful writer, all of whose memoirs I have read, Dani Shapiro. She interweaves time beautifully as we observe most of human life’s phases or decades within two, American families.

The novel is about the compelling impact on one of the families of a traumatic event during the adolescence of its sole son and daughter. That trauma deeply colors the remainder of their lives. Ms. Shapiro probes the ill effects of that trauma in the psyches of the traumatized.

Annabel Gutterman in summed the book’s essence up this way:”And she shows, in aching terms, how life is made up of random moments—missed opportunities and curious circumstances—and that it only takes a second for everything to change.”

Signal Fires is in essence a rich page turner well worth your time. That is, if you have some to spare. At least you did here.

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