I am a pilgrim on a long relational journey. I knew several “Summers” (“500 days of Summer”) 50 years ago. I have focused on mining my subconscious for much of the last 50 years. I have been married to my spouse for nearly 40 years. I have centered on the Judeo- Christian God’s character and LOVE for over 30 years.

In the love of my life, I have been blessed with a  sensitive, forgiving spouse. I appreciate that living the nitty gritty of a daily life together is a thing apart from the “Love is blind”, infant stage of a relationship. On the other hand this second stage despite its difficulties is deeper, richer and more precious. I celebrate our differences. I love her devotion, spontaneity, artistic skill, and grace. As Byron so eloquently put it, “She walks in beauty like the night.” May God bless her always.



The Subconscious and Sanctification, Becoming More Like Christ

Per Tolstoy, “Everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing himself.” Your “to do” list is interesting, but, following the Holy Spirit as we mine the subconscious portion of our souls, in my opinion, is the key to becoming more Christ-like in all our human relations. “I shall know even as also I am known” in Paul’s love chapter suggests to me Christ wants what’s buried in our subconscious to bubble to the surface and be healed. From my perspective, it would take a rare miracle to accomplish that without an excellent behavioral therapist. Finding the right one is worth its weight in humility. For a more expansive explanation as it has applied to my 70 year struggle on this planet, you might enjoy, “Look Backward Angel,” my e-book on Amazon. H. Robert Rubin

Response to a blog that we are too technology obsessed; KennethJustice.com

I think the root of our problems is what wallows in the subconscious, not technology. From my perspective it’s only a tool whether it’s the wheel or the smartphone. I address these issues in my hopefully healing memoirs looking back over my 70 years. I invite you to join me on my journey.

H. Robert Rubin
Memoirist and Essayist
Author of Look Backward Angel, available through Amazon.