Seattle For a Few Days

cropped-me-in-black-and-white-2016Visited Seattle for a long anniversary weekend. We were struck by the aromas of wonderful baked goods and quality coffee that wafted through Pike Place Market. Our time in the market in some ways was like a visit to the turn of the 19th/20th Century. We breakfasted twice in the Athenian Seafood Restaurant, a cafe that opened the year of my late father’s birth, 1909. We watched cheese being made at Beecher’s. We joined in the laughter as large fish were flung to others in the market. I guess the flingers were sure I would drop one. Don’t miss Pike Place in the course of your travels.

H. Rubin, memoirist and author of “Look Backward Angel”, an e-book available at Amazon.


Today’s Loss of a Great American Hero

Senator Glenn was famous for attracting the fire of antiaircraft guns as a fighter pilot and for guiding one spacecraft into our atmosphere so as to avoid becoming a great ball of fire. Later evidence indicated the maneuvers weren’t needed because the instrument signal about the status of the heat shield was wrong. BUT, nobody knew that at the time.

On top of everything else despite being a human guinea pig/test pilot he lived to the ripe old age of 95. Now that’s protoplasm. But more importantly, that was the hand of God.

H. Robert Rubin, Memoirist and Author of Look Backward Angel, an e-book available at Amazon


Sermon for Self-Purification

I think this country has been traumatized because too many people on each side have been seeing our country in black and white, no grays. Any one who writes or speaks publicly knows that hyperbole gets attention. It came from both sides. It’s divisive.

To the extent we can share our stories and their nuances, I think we will see more grays. I’ve tried to look back at the pain and joy I could share in my memoirs. You might find them comforting. Hope all goes well on your journey.

H. Rubin, author of Look Backward Angel, an e-book available on Amazon.


Since election night, I’ve been waiting for my leadership–any leadership: in my workplace, in my church, in my political party–to say something.  They haven’t.  Not the something I’ve been waiting for.  I’ve heard many calls for unity, for “moving toward one another,” even for action.  Many leaders have implored us to enact love and respect, to begin the process of reconciliation we’ll need to recover from the divisiveness of the election.

The problem with that message, for me, and for many others, I think, is simple psychology: trauma.  This election is different from other ones, and many of my friends feel trauma more than disappointment or anger.  We can see this difference playing out in the number of people seeking therapists, calling in sick, and in our schools where our children imitate us in a sick micro-performance as detailed in yesterday’s Sunday Times.  My husband and I work in schools…

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