Osaka v. Williams in Retrospect

All things being equal yesterday, who would have won? One t.v. announcer said Serena is at her best when her winners equal her errors. They did. What about her response to the pressure moments. She had 6 double faults and failed to convert on 83 per cent of her break points while Naomi had about the reverse on break points.

Did the free game for Naomi impact the match? After that penalty, Serena won her service game. Then, serving for the match Naomi Osaka took the racquet out of her hands with two aces and a service winner.

Does anyone believe in the clear texture of this match the chances Serena would have broken Naomi’s gifted service game were greater than 5 %? Serena had that chance in the closing game of the match and was soundly beaten.

Naomi Osaka outplayed Williams in 90 per cent of the match. That 10 % was the game in which she broke Naomi in the second set. Osaka immediately asserted herself physically and psychologically. She broke back on Serena’s attempt to consolidate the break.

Essentially this was no contest and the better player yesterday won. As to the controversy over the calls, there are valid arguments on either side. It is sad that the controversies obscured the moment in the sun for this amazing 20 year player. Hope all is equitable for all concerned the next time these two fine players meet.

H. Robert Rubin, M.D. , memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This? available on Amazon

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