Some Thoughts Entering December

I am sure glad to be breathing. I particularly like to breathe out, a totally relaxing habit when stretching, lifting, biking and power walking.

I need to transcend the day’s serious concerns. I do so writing, reading and moving, (breathing as noted).

Now could be a dead zone in the off season of my favorite sport, tennis. It is an enthusiastic zone as I thank God I have a diverse set of interests when I read and write: Christianity, Judaism, neuroscience, psychology and history.

I love good fiction as well. If you haven’t read East of Eden by Steinbeck, it is the finest piece of fiction I have ever read. Steinbeck thought it was his greatest novel. It is worth your time in 2019, if overlooked.

My interests keep me busy spurring my curiosity. It killed the cat. But, at 73+ and counting I am hoping for a few good years.

H. Robert Rubin, memoirist and Amazon best-selling author, whose books are available at Amazon, Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This?

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