A Memorable College Prof

Fifty three years ago I took two quarters of organic chemistry, the toughest pre-med course I would ever take. The prof was a very short, bald, middle-aged man who zoomed around campus in a tiny, convertible, lime green, sports car.

Despite my two C’s I was accepted to a medical school from which I successfully graduated. This prof who put my medical career at risk was one of the finest teachers I had ever had. He taught me volumes about passion for your life’s work and, if you teach, a personal interest in your students’ well-being.

Not surprisingly he is still alive in his 90’s helping his students of the past whenever and wherever he can. We loved him and he loved us.

H. Robert Rubin, best selling Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me, all available on Amazon

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