What I Saved The First Day We Met

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Online dating was about one quarter century in the future. It was a sun-filled Sunday in March 1977. I met Kristine at the Baltimore Sun-advertised open house at her art school. As I stood by her that afternoon we discussed her work of art and who we were. I loved the artistic image she had created. I also wanted to see her again. By the grace of God’s Son she did give me her name and number on the art gallery card above.

For reasons I will never completely understand, as you can see, I saved the card. In 1977 it was placed, loosely, in a scrapbook. Today it is in a lucite frame our son and his fiance gave us recently.

Why didn’t I just put the number in my personal phonebook and pitch the card? Some neuropsychologist/philosopher might say there was this deep-seeded, neurological connection between my present…

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