Oh That January Day in ’94

It was Monday, 1/17/94 at 4:31 a.m. in Los Angeles. Kristine and I were awakened by movement and loud noises. We were immediately aware this was a quake. The big one? We didn’t know.

We raced to get our 13 year old daughter and 3 year old son. The four of us gathered in a spot we thought would be relatively safe.

Kaboom! There was a huge explosion in the commercial area near us. We later discovered it was in a  restaurant.

Chimneys were crumbling up and down our street while ours, thank God, remained intact. Our interior had some strong movement.

The refrigerator moved half way across our kitchen. All the perfume in a half bath hit the floor and created a pleasant aroma that wafted through our little home.

Ultimately it was the longest, strongest (6.7) and most destructive earthquake we ever experienced. The epicenter was just a few miles from our home. So much for the peace we sought at home.

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